When the warmer days start to come around, anything off the shoulder or fringe becomes a necessity to me.

Old Navy Jeans . Target Boots . Steve Madden Bag

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TheStylePlaylist said...

You look amazing in this post, and I can def see the weight loss keep it up beautiful!

trisha-closet said...

Hello beauty! Trisha I'm from spain! blogs I like to watch girls by the network curve pretty and well dressed! Here in Spain we have little shops .. and we have to shop online! Where are you from? I folow you!

PS: I really like the boots, and I think the dropped shoulder jersey is super sexy!

Ti Dickenson said...

@Thestyleplaylist thanks love, def going to try to keep it up

@trisha-closet thanks, these are my fav boots and you know what they say...the shoulder is the sexiest part on a womans body. lol

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