This is my first outfit post of the new year, I have not forgotten about this dear blog here but I am no longer in school which means I no longer live in la la land. Life has consumed me, life which consists of trying to find a steady job while trying to run a successful and profitable business. Anywho,
H&M Top . Hue Leggings . ASOS Shoes
These tapestry beauties, I e-fought for and picked up when ASOS was having their thanksgiving/black friday sale. These have become important in my wardrobe, seeing as though I always turn to them when I want to add a little funk and interest in my outfit. Anddddd people love them because of course they look someone's grandmama couch on my feet.

Midi Rings

I am so into midi rings, well I kind of always been since I do have size 12 fingers rings has always hit me mid finger. But now I don't look weird rocking three sizes too small rings because everyone is doing it. I was always more of a simpler person liking more delicate band like rings but right now I am loving the ones with hearts, stars, crosses, and all the pretty details.
The arrow one above, I purchased a while back but now I am on the hunt for pretty skulls and crosses.

Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas right around the corner I present to you my wishlist. All of these items, I've had my eye on for a while. Whether they are gifted to me or I purchase on my own, they will eventually be mine (I hope).
MacBook Pro . Concho Boot Harness . iPhone . Pamela Love Claw Earring(s) . Zana Bayne Harness . Jeffrey Campbell Munster

TiKeDi Christmas Sale

From now until Christmas TiKeDi will be having a 25% off sale on everything at www.shoptikedi.com, so get all your shredded goodness while you can. Just use code MISELTOE. Merry Christmas.


Today was for the usual, ya know a tee, skirt, boot, and jacket combo. I mean what more do you need to run errands, right?? These boots have become my go to because for some reason now that I can semi tolerate heels my feet seem to not like my flats anymore. This brings a new and expensive problem, no?? yes!!
Now that the weather permits, I decided to debut my own shredded scarf from TiKeDi. Although I may be a little bias, I really do love this scarf and I think it is one of the best pieces that I have created for TiKeDi. It is such a statement piece, every time I wear it I get stopped and asked where I get it from and how did I make it. Which I would never tell. But anywho this year, I thought it was only right that I should add some spark to it which is why I now offer them in amazing pops of color such as teal, pink, and green. 
 Forever 21 Jacket . Walmart Tee . H&M Skirt . TiKeDi Scarf