This is my first outfit post of the new year, I have not forgotten about this dear blog here but I am no longer in school which means I no longer live in la la land. Life has consumed me, life which consists of trying to find a steady job while trying to run a successful and profitable business. Anywho,
H&M Top . Hue Leggings . ASOS Shoes
These tapestry beauties, I e-fought for and picked up when ASOS was having their thanksgiving/black friday sale. These have become important in my wardrobe, seeing as though I always turn to them when I want to add a little funk and interest in my outfit. Anddddd people love them because of course they look someone's grandmama couch on my feet.

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Ria said...

E-fought haha. Happy New Year girl, good luck with the job search and congrats on being out of school. Love your hat by the way.

Ti Dickenson said...

Thanks love @Ria

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