Went out with some friends for the usual...food and drinks. We were supposed to go to a beach party but those plans were side railed, so we did the next big thing. So we ended up at BBQ's. Because I was unsure of what the night ultimately was going to lead up to I went for my go to, a basic black mini dress and for added interest I threw on my freedom cardigan, from TiKeDi's newest Americana collection. I decided to try something new with it and chose to use some stray fabric to tie it under the bust giving it an empire waist affect, which I loved. Freedom got so many compliments, it made her feel like a queen.
Another great night with friends and a couple of laughs.

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Jennifer aka. Jasifer said...

Love your creativity! :D

Jerrica said...

Very Americana, work it :-)


Fashion Nostalgia

Ti Dickenson said...

Thanks Jennifer and Jerrica

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