Monday I decided to come out of hibernation mode and roam the streets with my sissy which landed me in the beauty supply store. While going down the aisles racking up on my favorite eye liner to restock my personal inventory, I ran across a huge selection of lipstick, including NYX. With multiple brands of black calling my name and having tried one already which was a fail, I gravitated towards this one brand called NK. I wasn't reluctant to purchase it because it is $1.00, what I am reluctant to do is go to MAC or another brand like that and pay $24.00 for something that I am not even sure will look good on me. But now there is no need because this little $1.00 one is perfection and gets the job done. I also purchased what I thought was blue, until I came home put it on, it turned red, for me to turn it around and it the label read 'mood blue' :-(

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Amber Nefertari said...

What a coincidence I am writing a lipstick post on my blog right now. I just bought blue lipstick but I didn't like the Teal so I purchased a darker one. Will post in a few minutes

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