There is no doubt about it, that this shirt is a favorite of mine. Soon after purchasing it from Walmart for $7.00, this has easily become a go to piece for me. This shirt goes with everything and adds a bit of edge to an other wise boring outfit. Prior to becoming acquainted to the clearance rack in Walmart, I was constantly searching for a vintagy style band tee and this fits the mold completely. Kept everything else pretty simple and threw on my knee high boots for an added something.
Forever 21 Vest . Walmart Shirt . Old Navy Jeans . Chinese Laundry Boots

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Amber Nefertari said...

What pretty photos! I still want a Bob Marley shirt lol I'm slippin Ti!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Ti Dickenson said...

@Amber thanks, I wasnt even looking for it, which makes it even better. Check eBay

@Anonymous Thanks!!!!

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